DFS is a Hi-End Media training company which has been created to create technicians of the best caliber, We offer training on Digital Intermediate - DI which covers softwares & Systems like Baselight, Scratch, Lasergraphics, etc, VFX, Training which covers Digital Fusion, Combustion, Shake. Editors Training Program, which covers all the top most tools like Avid, FCP,Protools, & Smoke.
The DI course will take the student through all the DI process, be it Scanning, Reverse Telecine,Film Handling, Colorist training, Color Calibration etc.

Along with the Long Terms Courses Short Terms Courses are also offered which is focused on getting a Smoke Editor up and running on DI systems, This course is a Smoke to Baselight and Smoke to Scratch transition course.

DFS is a part of Qlab - Quality Cine Labs Pvt Ltd, which is a 38 year old Film Laboratory and Post production studio, All the training is Hands on and students get an experience certificate at the end of the 6 & 9 months course. For further info contact on info@digitalfilmschool. in